Dear Sirs,

Ultrasound imaging of children’s hip joints, as described by Professor Graf, is the most commonly-used method of detection of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH), leading to earlier diagnosis and assisting in its monitoring and treatment.

Participants of courses organised by Professor Graf around the world now perform ultrasound examinations according to his principles, and we have seen how simple a method of assessment with ultrasonography of the infant hip is. We understand, however, that standardization of the scanning, as well as an advancement in skills, is absolutely vital.

Unfortunately, a frequent problem is a scan obtained without applying established standards, leading to serious consequences in the condition of the patient and potential legal difficulties for the practitioner.

Having been established by Professor Graf and following many positive reviews, we have decided to start annual courses organised according to Professor Graf’s methods, directly supported by materials provided by him.

The timetable of the course is a step-by-step introduction for the participants to the methodology of the examination, including exercises with a lifelike doll, and practical ultrasound scanning of infants’ hips.

In addition, all participants will get a copy of the highly practical ‘Manual of Ultrasonography’ translated into Polish, which will highlight common problems and clarify their understanding about the scanning of children’s hips using ultrasound.

The aim for our courses is to provide a valuable insight into the use of ultrasound, resulting in improved detection and treatment of DDH throughout Poland.

The patron of the course is the Chair and Clinic of Orthopaedics and Traumatology in Gdańsk, under the supervision of prof. Tomasz Mazurek.

Marek Synder, Ph D.
Head of Polish Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology

Univ. Prof., Prof. hc. Reinhard Graf, M.D.

Piotr Michniowski M.D.

Date and venue:

June 7-8, 2018

Street: Jana Heweliusza 22
80-890 Gdańsk



Opening and welcome
Anatomical identification, checklist I
Usability check, checklist II, Sonographic Types, Exceptions
Training on sonograms in the group
Coffee break
11.30 – 13.00
Description, Measurement technique. Sonometer
14.00 – 15.30
Instability, elastic whipping, measuring of sonograms in the group, examination technique. (Demonstration on the doll)
15.30 – 16.30
Measurement in Groups
16.30 – 18.00
Projection, Tilting effects, typical mistakes
Examination on the doll
09.00 – 10.00
Correction of the homework
10.00 – 12.00
Examination on babies, Examination on the doll
12.00 – 12.15
Coffee break
12.15 – 13.30
Therapy according to sonograms. Cases
13.30 – 14.30
14.30 – 15.30
Squaddling technique
15.30 – 16.15
Typical mistakes, technical equipment
16.15 – 16.30
Coffee break
16.30 – 18.00
Experience worldwide, screening, recommendations
Final test and certificates


Fees must be paid into our account:

PL 80 1090 2590 0000 0001 2396 5915
Med-Media Materna, Materna Spółka Jawna
ul. Łowicka 51/20, 02-535 Warszawa
Account number:

Fee includes:

Materials for students: identifier, program, exercise materials
Meals: coffee breaks, lunch (Thursday, Friday), dinner (Thursday),
soup and sandwitches (Friday)
Participation in the exhibition of medical companies

Accomodation in HOTEL MERCURE GDAŃSK OLD TOWN (amount of rooms is limited)

Single room (6-8.06.) – 700 PLN
A bed in a double room (6-8.06.) – 400 PLN

In case of resignation of participation in the course till March 31, 2018, 100% of the costs will be refund.


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Portfolio Item 2


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tel./faks (22) 646 41 50
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Contact in organizational matters:

Milena Witkowska +48 881 091 323 milena.witkowska@med-media.pl